The greater Los Angeles area is a sprawling region with a population greater than 14 million people. A majority of the region's residents own cars and trucks and they use them. As a result the local freeway system and major surface streets are brimming with congestion most of the time. Even Saturdays and Sundays are busy travel days for locals. The surface travel challenge has reached critical mass and it is our view that the time is ripe for another transportation option. That option is "ubiquitous on-demand helicopter air taxis."

Initially our target customer will be the "business class" commuter. Their time is valuable and productivity is always a concern for them and their supervisors. We believe that the business class commuter will utilize their expense accounts for this kind of time saving service because it will allow them to make better use of their time and significantly reduce the wear and tear on their psyches. And out of town "financial rain makers" will be less reluctant to visit the Los Angeles region to conduct business in a region known for its oppressive traffic congestion.

We acknowledge that helicopter air taxi service will not be for everyone because of its higher cost but we are convinced that there is an underserved market for this travel option. Connecting the business class commuter with the ride and situating the heliports in the most desirable locations will be a major focus in our plan.